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This is your chance to help make the business case to improve our community's Internet connectivity.  Please take three minutes to complete the survey and create an account so that we can understand your Internet needs and current capabilities. 

Each party involved agrees not to use any Confidential Information for any purpose except to evaluate and engage in discussions concerning a potential business relationship between the parties. - This simply means it is safe to create an account and that your information will only be used to evaluate the need for better broadband service in this area!

Ohio-Connect is a collaborative effort led by the Logan County Ohio Chamber of Commerce and its Economic Development Council. 

WIRELESS Residential & Commercial Internet - 25 x 3 Mbps

When you register for a wireless broadband account, you are expressing interest in the opportunity to co-create a broadband micronet with neighbors in your area of Logan County. 

FIBER 50 Mbps Residential Internet

50 Mbps Residential Internet; with plans starting as low as $69.95 per month.

FIBER 100 Mbps Residential Internet

100 Mbps Residential Internet; with plans starting as low as $79.95 per month.

FIBER 1000 Mbps Residential Internet

1000 Mbps Residential Internet; with plans starting as low as $99.95 per month.

FIBER 10,000 Mbps for Business Internet

100% Fiber-Optic Business Internet with speeds up to 10Gbps, with affordable pricing for every business size and need. Your business Internet service can be bundled with unlimited Hosted Unified Communications and a host of other services; with per user pricing as low as $45 per user. 

Connecting Ohio Communities with a Better Way Life Online

8:00pm March 29, 2018

Welcome to Ohio-Connect

Ohio-Connect is a collaborative effort to deliver fiber-optic Internet services by expanding a 100% fiber-optic network within Logan County. Our goal is to deliver the fastest, most reliable Internet available at an affordable cost. How can you help the project?

Express your interest by entering your desired service address, selecting an Internet Service in which you might be interested, and enter an e-mail address and password - so you can check back on our progress, You'll receive a short survey; and your interest will be preserved. Despite signing up for a "service," you are not committing to buying anything - now or later.  It is just the way this survey tool will allow you to select your desired Internet Service.

So you can at no risk, tell us what Internet speed you have today... what you wish you had, and leave optional comments for us. As demand for faster Internet in your area grows, we will establish a goal in order to commence network construction in your neighborhood. Progress of those network expansions will be shown on this site.

So...we're listening. Please take the first step in helping our neighborhoods get faster Internet by entering your address...just to the right... And then tell your friends and neighbors. We thank you!

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Master - Shannon Reames

7:05am May 10, 2018

Shannon Reames

We do not have a single option for internet other than satellite. We've asked AT&T, Spectrum, CenturyLink - none of them are available (which is interesting because we live less than a mile from the school and I am quite certain they aren't using satellite). When I lived in Columbus I could get high speed internet through then Time Warner for $45/month. I am paying $80/month for satellite internet that has data caps, which we always go over, which in turn slows down our internet until the next billing cycle. I work from home one day a week, but with satellite internet it is PAINFUL to try to get stuff done quickly and efficiently. It pains me to pay such a ridiculous amount of money for terrible services.

Master - lloyd forsythe

2:42pm April 21, 2018

lloyd forsythe

I have very poor internet. I only get a .5 Mbps download.

Master - Jackie Liles

10:04am April 21, 2018

Jackie Liles

The only unlimited internet service available at our address is Century Link DSL. It's extremely slow at 1.5 Mbps download and 0.35 Mbps upload speeds and I've been paying $74.03 per month. Both of my daughters are paying half that amount and getting speeds of 100+ Mbps. Only one device can be used at a time or it gets stuck and buffers. Mice have gotten into the Century Link box at the road and chewed wires and our speed has dropped to a third of the usual 1.5Mbps, which means the internet is useless for much of anything. Century Link does take care of the problem eventually, but I'm currently waiting for them to arrive to repair it again and its been at 0.56 for 10 days now. Last Fridays appt for 8:00 am to Noon was a no show and no call back to reschedule until 6 days later. Competition is greatly needed. Why would a company upgrade their service for customers who have NO other option. They will not spend money to upgrade services unless forced by competition. Not to mention very poor customer service. What else can I do but wait on them to show up some day!!!!!!!!!!

Master - Gina Nixon

11:43am April 19, 2018

Gina Nixon

We live on Township Rd 29 between County Rd 29 / 146 and Twp Rd 163.....we are one of the ONLY 8 homes on this area that is NOT offered any services for internet outside Satellite. Century Link will service every home around this area Except our short stretch of road! It is absolutely unacceptable that this short, less than 1/2 mi, Is exempt from decent internet service at a reasonable price!


4:40pm April 8, 2018


I am currently paying $20pm for Spectrum lowest level.. I use google phone # on this connection

Master - Larry Everett

7:02pm April 3, 2018

Larry Everett

The cost of internet has gotten out of control since spectrum took over. With time warner I was paying 15 a month and wanted to upgrade back to my 30 dollar plan and spectrum said NO and now am paying 65 a month for internet. Need more competition in the area!!!

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